Dim The Lights!

Welcome to my little page of Kenyon nostalgia. This was built for the people I knew and occaisionally shared a laugh with at Kenyon College. It's meant to be an online photo album, available from anywhere, in case an unexpected longing for the college days should arrest you. It's also a means for me to experiment with HTML. I always used you guys to star in my videos, I hope you don't mind having the spotlight here for a moment. Enjoy. And thanks for the memories.


Classic Nostagia Page

The first and all-around-browser-friendly Kenyon nostalgia page. This one contains a few graphics and sound bytes unavailable in the other. It's basically a bunch of pictures (with extremely witty captions) that you manually scroll down. It's done in a pretty traditional web page style, and is viewable on any graphical browser.


KC Nostalgia Experience (©)

A Java and Javascript multimedia adventure back in time! (Or something like that.) I strongly encourage you to use this one if you can. It's like an automatic slide show. You sit back and zone while the pictures change themseleves. You will need a good, new browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer to view it.

Please put on some music that takes you back. It works well to just about anything. As a last resort, try some of the midi songs here. They sound like elevator music, but it's better than nothing.


MIDI Songs

Where It's At | Big Pappa | True Colors | One | No Woman No Cry
When Doves Cry | Superstition | St. Elmos Fire | The Macarena | Gimme One Reason
Waterfalls | Nothing Compares 2 U | Close to Me | La Isla Bonita | Get Ready For This