PC Demo Fan Club It's just pathetic what I've let become of this page. It just sits here collecting dust, pretending that it will someday return to offering news and reviews. Let me fill you guys in on something. As of about three months ago, I was offered the webmaster position at PC Gamer Online. Once again the commercial world has sapped a scener of his energy and time to contribute anything worth while. It is a timeless story. But to be honest, I haven't heard of any great demos since Toys either. So perhaps the scene itself is finally submerging itself underground again. And if that's the case, I'm proud of it. I just wanted you guys to know what was up with my world. I still have plans to change the site a little bit. I just don't know when that will happen. Last thing: you're all great! Thanks for visiting over the years. It's meant a lot.
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With the deconstruction of Hornet, most of the links to demos on this site will soon die. I will redirect them when that becomes possible. In the meantime, I will rely on you party goers to tell me what demos are good and, more importantly, where to grab them. At least until ftp.scene.org is up again, you are my eyes and ears.
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Toys (4.6MB), by Gods. An excellent follow-up to their last demo, Incoming Future. Whereas the last production lacked any kind of narrative, this makes up for it with a playful drama. It's in three parts, the first and the last being the showcases. While the modeling and direction exceeds most standards of the demo scene, unfortunately Gods has again resorted to commercial music rather than composing their own. To their credit, they chose well, and the amount of visual work almost outweighs its use. On the technical side, this demo finally proves to me that events can be perfectly synced to MP3 music.

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