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A few excerpts, from both sceners and their audience. Thanks to all who have ever written in.

Hello, a friend pointed me to your home page suggesting that I would get an "ego massage with herbal oils". Well thanks very much for your encouragement, since your comments have inspired me to write a new demo, a project which was on the edge of being shelved.

- Statix / Psychic Link, Tue, 28 Jan 1997.

Your demo pages are quite nice. Keep up the good work.

- Trixter / Hornet, Tue, 18 Feb 1997.

Very nice web pages! I like them and will link them if you like.

- Submissive / Cubic Team & $eeN, Tue, 03 Jun 1997.

Well, i stumbled on your page, being a fan of demos, it was a welcome suprise. i want to thank you for supporting a page like this one. thank you. i have always liked demos, and your page shows me that though we may be few, there are at least some of us. i have no experience coding, but enjoy good programs very much.

- Galvatron, Tue, 07 Oct 1997.

Don't don't don't let this page go! Like yourself a long time ago, I am a lone demo junkie in my social circle. My friends often get tired of my evangelizing about this kind of stuff, but I never get tired of watching out for the next great coder, the cutting-edge musician who's defining tomorrow's mainstream genre (all sceners know where electronica came from), or the truly artistic group that can blow everyone else out of the water with a single elegantly designed sequence.

I'm proud to count myself a scene groupie, but I'm not hardcore enough to sift through piles of poorly coded shit looking for a jewel. Hornet helps sometimes with their ratings, but if I only looked at the "Awards" sections, the most interesting demos would completely escape me. That's why I visit your page.

It's extremely well-designed, well-written, and, I think, well-liked by anybody who isn't too proud to ask for somebody else's opinions about demos. Yours in particular are insightful, humorous, open-minded, and extremely accurate. By your counter, it looks as if you've gotten an average of more than 34 visitors a day over the last year. That's WAY above average for personally run pages, isn't it? I mean, think about it ~~ would YOU visit most people's personal pages on a regular basis?

Hornet seems to be doing you a serious injustice by not allowing a more prominent link on their site. If "The Zen of Tracking" and the "Gfx Zone" can get front-page buttons, I would really expect that you would too. The only reason I can think of is that Snowman sees you as a threat to the bloated, impersonal, disorganized Hornet-run "PC Demos" page.

Your page is a tremendous resource. If it comes down to it, I will take you to court in order to keep it up!

- Peter Shultz, Thu, 09 Oct 1997.

Conincidentally, Hornet gave me a button on their main page soon after Peter wrote me, which was the inspiration behind changing the name from PC Demos to the PC Demo Fan Club. Thanks Hornet!

Just some feedback on your excellent web page (PC demo fanclub) - Brilliant, I love the design and the fact that you update the page regularly. You are right up there on my favorites, next to (which is how I got there). I agree with your choice of great demos. I am a graphic designer/dtp and layout designer, and I love the design of some of the more "artsy" demos, especially the ones from Orange, although the "old school" demos from FC and Triton do have a charm of their own. Keep it up.

- Stuart Kinnear, Thu, 23 Oct 1997.

Wow. I finally followed the hornet link to your page and I must say I am impressed. Your selections of demos do not always agree with mine but overall I can see you have a clue what they are truly about and a good eye. More than this you give them fair treatment in your text descriptions.

I'm glad that there are other people who feel similarly to me out there who don't act like little children and see the demoscene as some kind of consumptive offering like luncheon meats. You should consider attending a demo-related event. The european ones are hard to reach, but some smaller events are going on in southern california and western canada this upcoming year. It's a real kick to meet (ex)members of renaissance, KFMF, and scene notables like Necros and Mellow-D. Most of them are lots of fun too.

Thanks for the significant contribution.

- Joshua Rodman, Thu, 20 Nov 1997.

Hello! I love demos just as much as you do (whether you believe it or not), and have been into them since I saw Unreal the first time. It was absolutely AWESOME. UNBELIEVABLE. I've been loving them since. I even code an occasional effect or something, like fire. Anyway, I was at a rave (which, if you don't know, is sort of a dance party thing with techno style electronic music) and I asked the DJ if I could bring in a laptop and hook it up to sound system and their projecter. He thought it was okay, as long as I showed him what I was going to play first. I played him 'Juice' and he loved it. So he allowed me to play a couple demos next week. I played 'Juice', 'Rotaliator', 'Robotnik' and 'Unreal' (just HAD to play that). The croud LOVED it. They thought it was the coolest thing they had ever seen.

So I told them to get on the internet and go to, and as far as I can tell, a bunch of them have.

- Michael Thacker, Mon, 23 Dec 1997.

Your demo site is great... I just started viewing demos and find your site incredible.

- Sanity, Sun, 11 Jan 1998.